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    As the modern business world comes to depend more and more on computers and the networks they form, it's easy to get left behind. Network administrators, systems engineers, even technicians are difficult to find, expensive to hire, and frequently present a strain on company resources and morale. Relying on existing employees to solve problems in a highly precise and technical field too often results in a dangerously misconfigured and badly formed system, in addition to the added work hours and burden of stress placed on the unqualified employee. Either circumstance gives an edge to your competitors.

    What choice does a company have? Do without the computers, leaving their competitors to win the customers? Overwork an unqualified employee in the hopes that they can limp along until they can afford to hire trained personnel? Hire people qualified to manage their systems and hope that they grow fast enough to cover the expense? It would seem that there are no really satisfactory answers to be found in normal staffing procedures. There is however, another option.

    Forming a long term relationship with a service company is, for many, the most effective answer. An experienced, responsive, and customer oriented company like Bookworm Computing can solve your problems. Costing less than a full time IT staff, providing services beyond the skills of unqualified employees, and more effective than calling random contractors to apply a virtual bandage to a deteriorating system, Bookworm Computing can literally make the difference between success and failure in today's marketplace for your small to midrange business.

    A few reasons to consider a company such as Bookworm Computing are :

  • No full time computer employees necessary.  Pay only for the services when you need them.
  • Full time employees stay at their jobs.  If one computer goes down, only one employee is down.
  • Benefit from the experiences of people who have spent years in the computer industry.
  • More than one person available to solve your problems in cases of emergencies.
  • Wide variety of support options.
  • After hours and weekend services often available.